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Very Language School staff

Because language school staff is not intended to be Tsutomaru so easily. Some of the people who used, where working people also are people who come in person or, passive attitude that I think would language is fluent. Therefore, it is required to show no skill to passengers regularly. Passive person can not remember the hard words to passive due. Such cases, it would have been to blame immediately of language school. And the like's eyes from above Toka way teaching is poor, a problem of their own attitude to take, such as if there is no relationship attitude. Staff should not and does not become empathetic even for such a person.

For staff of manners

There are a variety of people in the staff of the language school. If you go to a foreign country, both are very friendly person to have arrogant person. It even was a what kind of person is met, we will also become a story of the story. For example, because there is no mean business etiquette in good condition as Japan, from being asked for it is not good. It is necessary to inscribe when carrying out the spirit of follow the township to language school foreign If you are in the township. Toka because staff that do, our air will do will Toka Looking from the top such are eating in the classroom is also spread around rather than the person, it would come out in learning attitude.


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