Remarks at a language school

Language school words


Greeting of language school

Greeting in the language school you should be performed in the language of the country you are teaching. Originally, since teaching the words of the country, as much as possible while you are in school, you should decide to speak in the language of the country. In order to learn the words, since helpless If you do not use, it is more and more should use the language of the country. Language school, since such where you get to remember the words of the country, you may want to live, thinking that it is a foreign country in the school. Words even if not a little wrong, the teacher and because is also important for guidance, the students with confidence should get with the language of the country.

Communicate in words

Because there are many cases where people of various countries are attending the language school, it is it is difficult to take the easy communication. Therefore, providing a common greeting words in the language school, it should be such a lot of people use. If this greeting words possible, breath communicate well with the surroundings, not only the air of the classroom will be better, it has the advantage of language firmly to learn it is possible. That's what important for human communication. If it is possible to prepare a phrase that can all human beings involved to enjoy, you can learn the fun language. And it is important to add a uniqueness.



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